Automatic Gel Sanitizer


freestanding hand sanitizer station with an automatic dispenser to be placed at building entrances, hallways, lobbies, etc. A combination of a steel foot and an aluminium pole makes the stand stable yet light, thus easy to carry around. The stand has a leaking tray.

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In current times, keeping hands clean is at the forefront of everyone’s mind so why would you be any exception? This dispenser clips onto a stand to enable you to move it about and position it where you’d like and what’s more, you can even adjust the height. There’s even a drip tray to catch any liquid that might go astray. The smooth black powder-coated finish makes this dispenser fit right in wherever it’s placed.

This dispenser automatically dispenses the right amount of hand soap or hand sanitiser gel without you needing to touch it, helping to protect you even further from germs. It can house a 1-litre refillable bottle which will provide you with up to 1000 dispenses over its lifetime.


  • Automatic soap dispenser
  • Pump type: Gel dripping
  • Model: VARBOS 01
  • Capacity: 1000 ml
  • Wall mounted/Moveable stand
  • Power supply: Battery (LR14 size C/4 pcs)/Power adapter (DC 6V 1A)
  • Suitable for hospitals, hotels, schools, airports, shops, factories, offices, etc.
  • Outflow: 0.5-1 ml/time adjustable


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