MIRRORS SET 7cm. Free shipping in Ireland



This bicycle handlebar rearview mirror needs to be installed on the model. The inner diameter of the handlebar can be used within the range of 17.4mm-22mm. It is compatible with 90% of mountain bikes and road bikes. The 360° universal adjustment buckle can adjust the reflector to a position suitable for you, which is more convenient to use and the viewing angle is more comfortable. The integrated reinforced PC bracket has higher hardness and is not easy to be broken and is resistant to aging. The mirror surface adopts high-definition glass lens design to improve car safety.

Material: ABS lens shell + Acrylic lens
Size: About 14cm*7cm
Accessories: Expansion screw + installation wrench
Features: Enlarge the convex mirror to have a wider field of view, 360° adjustment of the mirror shell

Installation steps: 
1. Only one hexagon wrench is needed, fix the expansion screw, tighten it with a wrench, and insert the expansion plug into the handlebar hole.
2. Twist the screw to make the expansion plug expand and clamp, the installation is complete, and the angle position can be adjusted at will.

MIRRORS SET 7cm. Free shipping in Ireland


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