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Frugal Touring


The Frugal Touring 2.0 scooter has parameters that are perfect for city driving. Its maximum speed is 25 km / h, and the engine power is up to 350W. In addition, the scooter has 2 riding modes: energy saving and sports. With the first of them, we can limit the speed to 15 km / h. However, thanks to cruise control, we can set a constant speed at which the device will move.

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For lovers of long journeys
With the Frugal Touring 2.0 scooter, you can go on a long journey without worrying about the battery level. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 10 Ah, the Frugal is able to cover a distance of 32 kilometres on a single charge without any interruption. In addition, the charging time is only 6 hours. We can connect the scooter to the power supply at night, and set off again in the morning.

Comfortable and stylish
A capacious basket with a thermal container, located at the rear of the vehicle, is an ideal solution for safe and long storage of food. We can go on a scooter, for example, for a picnic in the park. The folding system allows for quick folding of the steering wheel along the platform. Thanks to this, we can easily put the scooter in the car trunk or take it with us to public transport. Her weight is 20 kg. The Frugal Touring 2.0 scooter can handle loads up to 120 kg.


Big tires
Large tires on an electric scooter have many advantages. The Frugal Touring scooter is equipped with 12-inch tires, thanks to which the ride becomes extremely smooth. All shocks caused by driving on uneven terrain are effectively damped, and obstacles encountered on the road are easily overcome.


Everything under control
The Frugal Touring 2.0 scooter could not be missing a display. It was mounted on the steering wheel of the device. The display shows the most important information, such as current speed, battery level, mileage and selected driving mode. In addition, the icon with the key will inform us about a possible fault with the vehicle.


Safe travel
Travelling with an electric scooter must be primarily characterized by an appropriate level of safety. The manufacturer made sure that riding the Frugal Touring 2.0 scooter was extremely comfortable and at the same time safe. The front and rear disc brakes ensure effective and quick braking. On the other hand, the visibility of the road after dark will be improved by the strong front LED lighting. The scooter is also equipped with brake lights and indicators.

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